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Many years ago, during the XVI th century, our ancestors arrived to CHILE, when it was a Spanish colony. They came from Spain and received lands from the Kings. On the beginning of the XXth century, our grandparents became very close friends. They were owners of neighbouring lands located in SAN VICENTE DE TAGUA TAGUA, two hours south from the capital.

In this generation, Ana María and me, Alfredo, got married in 1984, and started a new family, with our five children: Ana María, Macarena, Ignacia, Francisca and Alfredo Jr. We also have four grandchildren: Juanita, Santiago, Lucía and José.

We like to live with independence. We have worked hard since we got married and finally were able to buy our own land, which is close to our parent's. It is called IDAHUE, where we have been working since 1996. Today we have three farms: IDAHUE and LA RIOJA, that are dedicated to produce table grapes and PATAGUAS, which is planted with mandarins and cherries, dedicated for consumers all over the world .

After dedicating our land to traditional agriculture, we planted table grapes during 1999, and started exporting through big companies, like RIO BLANCO and SUBSOLE. We learned a lot from those days from very qualified people that were helping us. In 2007 we decided to export on our own, so we created EXPORTADORA IDAHUE CHILE S.A ., which is owned only by members of our family. It was decisive for us to work with people we knew and trusted and who have worked with us, for several years.

Our Family


Our family

We believe that God created human beings and nature, and we have to live together in a sustainable way. We also believe in being responsible of this gift and work to discover and preserve our own way, helping each other to do the same.

There are different ways of living for each person, but similar origin, value and finality for all of us: we come from God, we have value for being His sons and we will rest when we reach Him.All things belong to God, so they do not belong to us in property, they were given in administration. We can’t lose this perspective.

We can choose among many ways to use things. Excellence is the one we chose. Not as a cold word, but full of signification: our company was created on July 31st, Saint Ignatius of Loyola's day. He taught us a Latin word full of meaning: “MAGIS”. That is the way we understand the word excellence.

Knowledge is never ending and learning is our way of living. We will never be satisfied with our work, there is always something new to learn and somebody that can teach us.


The people that work with us, are the most important asset of our company. We share a community and a place to work so their wellbeing is very important to us.

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